James79 Application

James79 Application  


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February 11, 2019 1:49 pm  

Steam profile(s):   https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198086076703/
Name(s): James79
Age: 39, 40 in October
Location(AU/US/UK): US
Discord: James79#0128
Position you are applying for: 10x Mod &or 5xMod
Past server staff experience: I have 1200+ hours on Rusty Dallas alone.  2000 hours or just short of total in game.
Why you want to become staff: I am already as Lee said "the unpaid intern"  Plus it was my idea for Tanuh to get help so she could enjoy other games.

I know most everyone and have no issues with anyone on the server minus Zoron ick.  I know the rules as I often call people on them when staff is other wise unavailable.  
Any other information: The reason I was given in the past as to why I would not get chat mod is that I am in Wadu or Heck.  Tanuh and Nicci were in the same clan both as mods no issues then.  Now most of the population does not even know that Tanuh was once in our clan.  I do not see how this would be an issue.  I have put in just as much time as anyone and helped more than most.  I repeatedly direct people to the site for purchases and for information.  I have been here when pop was low and am still here now.


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