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brianisgreat RE: game breaking exploit! Urgent  

By brianisgreat, 1 week  ago

Bug Reports
  yes it has, thank you
Xianith RE: Unmute Request  

By Xianith, 2 weeks  ago

  Trying to be smart won't get you much. Please post like you have a brain. 
lieutenant lowercase RE: Good suggestion  

By lieutenant lowercase, 2 weeks  ago

  Update: The guy who said "Gas the J*ws" was unmuted because he was joking too. But of course, I'm not unmuted.
lieutenant lowercase Unmute Request  

By lieutenant lowercase, 2 weeks  ago

  Something that would help this server so much is admins with a brain. Tanuh muted me for saying the word "nibba" even though I was clearly memeing. It is understandable but then another person comes i...





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