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Devblog 160

Shotgun Trap

I’ve added a new trap straight out of Concept Limbooo. This shotgun trap detects motion in front of it, and when it does it starts blasting homemade shells every second until it runs dry. You can place them on walls, ceilings, floors, etc. I’m excited to see how people use this for base defense moving forward. I’d eventually like to have actual pressure pads and stuff, but this should do for now. It’s worth noting that it is only triggered by people who are not authorized on your Tool Cupboard, similar to the flame turret. Enjoy!

Flame Turret Placement

Last wipe I had difficulty placing my flame turret in my airlock, so I changed it so you can make it hug the wall a little easier. Big whoop!

Decay Improvements

We want to rework decay to make it more intuitive and much more efficient at solving the problems it’s meant to solve. The first step for this was to optimize the decay computation on the server to lay the foundation for more complex decay behaviour in the future. Once this was done I enabled decay on all twig building blocks such that all parts that are left over from raids decay quickly within two hours, eliminating the need for the base owner to manually clean them up.

Pickup Penalty

To prevent the abuse of the extended pickup mechanic on window bars and embrasures for unintended use cases I added a penalty when picking up those building pieces. They now lose half of their health whenever they’re picked up, and need to be repaired with the hammer after placing them again.

Floor Spikes

Floor spikes have been quite useless for a while, especially so after re-enabling twig raiding. I changed them so they now block foundation placement the same way barricades do. They’re still quite easy to destroy with metal tools, but can offer some protection for smaller bases and can be useful to block hiding spots around your base entrance. If they turn out to still be useless after this change we can adjust their health as needed with the next wiping update.

Invoke Optimizations

I moved over nearly all of the remaining Unity invokes to our optimized invoke handler. This generally eliminates overhead and makes our code more robust as I explained when I first added the system to the game. Nothing too exciting, but progress nonetheless.

Floor Grills

Floor grills have been rarely used since they offered little advantage over the normal building floors. To give them a purpose you can now build them closely above the large furnace as they allow for the needed air ventilation and therefore fulfill a specific purpose in the game.

Rocket Factory BuildingDamian Lazarski

I continued work on the rocket factory building. I focused on finishing the ground mesh and did a dressing pass on the ground level. In addition, I have created a scaffolding around the rocket, polished the interior geometry, added damage to the walkways and began to playtest the layout. My next step for this area is to finalize all the paths throughout the levels, finish the jumping puzzles and add ladder access to open up different levels of the building.

Shading Revamp Progress

This week I went on to test and fix a bunch of integration issues introduced by the new physical-based shading. It’s pretty much ready to deploy, but I decided to postpone it until after today’s patch, so we can get a week’s worth of player testing on Staging.

Below is a video showing off the new skin shader on the viewmodel hands. Please mind that some of the textures were tweaked by me and are still pending on a proper contribution from a real artist. Same goes for the player/worldmodel skins. Regardless, you’ll be able to give it a spin tonight on Staging.

Scrap Pile

This week I finished off the LODs, gibs and prefabs for the revised dropbox that you saw last week. I also created the gibs for the single-shot gun trap, readying it for implementation. Then I moved onto a new asset: the Scrap Pile that Paul concepted. This is what you’ll now see when you break a barrel:


I continued work on music this week, mostly working on polishing all of this stuff up now. I’ve got the remake of the classic theme set up in game, and although there are a few tweaks to make on the audio side still, it’s sounding pretty good so far. I’m particularly happy with how much smoother intensity changes feel with this one.

I was able to build the song up from much smaller audio clips because of the new playback system, so we’ll be able to save bit of disk space and memory too. The bassline, for example, is built up from 5 different 1 bar long clips now. In the previous system we would have needed 6 different clips and they’d all have to be 8 bars long, which would have been about 10x more audio data.

I’ve also started working on another song that I’m pretty hyped about so far and have spent a little more time fine tuning our other existing songs, particularly looking for spots where I can swap longer clips out for a handful of properly arranged shorter clips.

I’m getting pretty close to having this stuff wrapped up, but I think I want to sneak another new song or two in before I push it out. I’ll have previews of those up soon.

Water Jug Sounds

I made a bunch of recordings for the water jug this week and have done most of the editing to get the final sounds ready to go in game. Should be finished next week!

Melee Weapon Impacts

You know what sound I really hate? The salvaged icepick. Holy crap! I started working on polishing up the impact sounds for it this week. I took a piece of pipe from a speaker stand I’m not using and recorded some impacts with it. I ended up doing one set on concrete and another set on some packed down dirt.

The packed dirt kept the metal from ringing out really nicely without adding too much of its own character to the impact. I was careful not to strike at an angle and kick a bunch of dirt up, so there’s not really any debris sound, and it layers really nicely with our existing grass/sand/cloth/etc impacts.

A while back I did soft material impact variations for most of our melee weapons by editing the existing impacts, but the quality improvement from using separate recordings was pretty massive, so I’m having a go at re-recording other melee impacts in the same way.

Player Preview Animations

Continuing with player anim feedback ideas. I went back to the player preview animations I concepted a while back. They now all have the required transitions to/from each state, as well as Unity animator states ready for implementation if/when it’s desired.

Other stuff

  • Window bars and embrasures now store item condition
  • Window bar and embrasure item condition is reduced by half when picking them up
  • Fixed riot helmet radiation protection
  • Fixed insane planner leak
  • Progress on the Hapis improvements (not live till June 1st at the earliest)
  • Progress on the new Rocket Factory dungeon (also June 1st at the earliest)
  • Fixed a NRE when checking banned server ips
  • Some tweaks to GamePhysics (hopefully to improve performance)

New Items and A Little Raid Balance

You’ve got mail

Mailbox added

Helk has added a new way to communicate in the game: Mailboxes. These craftable items may be placed across the terrain. Those passing by (or raiding) may drop a note in the mailbox. Only those authorized on the cupboard are able to see the notes which have been left. They also give a nifty notification when new mail is present (the red tab on the side goes up).

Code locks on cupboards

After serious buffs to raiding last week, we’re seeing some balance swing back in the direction of defenders with this patch. Mainly, the tool cupboard can now have a code lock placed on it. Also, the cupboards protection has been increased to match the wooden door.

Not only does this secure your cupboard from random unwanted access, it makes griefing more expensive for raiders. No longer will they be able to just clear access and re-auth – they now must destroy a locked cupboard entirely.

This also revitalizes the importance of external cupboards. When placed properly, external cupboards should take priority if the main cupboard is destroyed. This’ll make it even more difficult for raiders to permanently grief your base – even if they do steal all the loot.

Edit: Cupboards can now only be placed on construction (no more cupboards on the ground)

Fire rate changes

Helk has fixed an issue with semi auto guns wherein they weren’t firing as fast as they should in certain instances. With this, he’s reduced the fire rate of the Semi Auto Rifle, Semi Auto Pistol (P250), and revolver.

As Helk explained to me, these changes do not necessarily nerf the fire rate of these 3 guns. Rather, they help prevent against scripts and binds which allowed for clips to be emptied in a mere second.

Long and short: normal players shouldn’t feel much change; if anything, these guns should be more responsive to mouse clicks. Scripters and people with special binds (mousewheel up = fire), however, won’t be so happy after this update.

Crossbow changes

The crossbow has also received a slight buff. The reload time has been reduced by 0.8 of a second. On top of that, the scope alignment has been fixed.

Hammers pick up ladders (and more)

Andre has improved the pick-up-ability of hammers this week. Most notable: ladders can now be picked up with your hammer equipped (if building is privileged). Beyond that, window bars, embrasures, and shutters can also be picked up with a hammer.

Spear buff

Early game fans rejoice this week as the spear has been buffed. Not only has the attack rate been slightly increased, the duration between click and attack has been significantly reduced. To top it off, the range of the spear attack has been increased.

Flamethrower can now damage AI

Ever wondered what it’d be like to take a flamethrower to a bear? Now you can find out, as Helk has made flamethrowers damage AI.

HV arrow metal tip

In a temporary change – and hopefully a sign of new arrow types coming in the future – Helk has made it so HV arrows show up as having a metal tip.

Sign cost reductions

Shop keeps and artists of Rust will be happy to hear of some reductions of sign costs:

  • Metal hanging signs reduced by 90%
  • Wooden sign costs also reduced

Rifle body cost increase

With the addition of scrap last week, players can now make a research bench and craft components – if they have enough scrap. It’s getting a bit harder to create rifle bodies this week, as the scrap cost has gone up to 250.

Other stuff

  • In game voice has its own audio slider
  • Waterjug added – it’s like the bucket but has lid to be carried in inventory
  • Dangerous NPC footsteps audible from a bit farther away
  • Food crates spawn 3x as much food
  • Maps and notes craft in 5 seconds
  • Heavy plate helmet slightly higher protection than facemask
  • Ceiling lights can be deployed on angled surfaces
  • Drinking from the world is slightly less glitchy (maybe)
  • Demolish option removed from hammer for admins
  • Skipqueue command added (admins can skip a player in queue)
  • Fishtrap requires cloth instead of rope again
  • Removed antihack.enabled (toggle the protections individually instead)
  • Add last violation type to player kick message and server log when enforcing

Devblog 158

It’s a game changing update this week: most components can be crafted in the Research Table using scrap, the Twig building tier and Ladders ignore Tool Cupboard restrictions to help raids, and all the servers are wiped. Have fun!

Scrap & Research Table

I kind of skipped ahead with my plans and added something that is sure to shake the game up a bit. We now have “Scrap” in Rust. If you destroy a barrel you’ll get one scrap, and looting boxes will yield 5-10 scrap based on their type. Think of it as a sweat equity resource: you’ll know exactly how much effort each piece of scrap represents. It also happens to be very valuable. You can use it in the Research Table to craft components.

For those unfamiliar with the Research Table, it is a deployable you can once again craft for 1000 Metal Fragments, 25 High Quality Metal, and 5 Sheet Metal. This will allow you to turn scrap into components.

Each piece of scrap you add to the Research Table will increase the probability of successfully finding or creating the target item from the heap of scrap. Success or Failure will destroy all of the scrap contained in the Research Table, so the risk is yours to take. Each type of component has a different amount of scrap required to reach 100% success rate.

It is important to note that you must have at least one of the components you wish to find to begin searching the scrap. You can’t just pull them out of thin air.

Alongside with their traditional yielded parts, recycling components will yield 10% of their scrap requirement in scrap.

This feature will hopefully address a bunch of issues. Firstly, it has an actual, measurable value associated with it: you know how difficult a quantity of scrap was to produce. Secondly, it has an intrinsic value: you can use it to craft components. And thirdly, it is accessible to everyone. In my mind this makes it a good candidate for a common currency in the game, and I hope to see people charging for scrap in their vending machines.

Because each piece of scrap is associated with a certain amount of sweat equity, it allows you to bypass some of the RNGness of the game. You know if you hit X amount of barrels and you really want it and have been unlucky, you can get that gear you wanted.

I’m sure lots of balance changes will need to be done, but I really hope you guys enjoy the feature and give it a chance for the next few weeks.


Let’s talk about raiding. Raiding has been in a pretty bad state for a really long time now and it’s probably fair to say that we have been arguing about solutions without actually acting on them for far too long. This ends now.

Raid Towers

The first major change is that you can now place all building blocks of the twig building tier inside other player’s cupboard radius without being authorized. This obviously opens the door for raid towers, dramatically changing the building and raiding meta of the game. To some this may seem like a drastic step and I’m sure many will immediately take to Twitter to proclaim that we’ve now finally ruined the game in its entirety. Our aim with this is for raiding and building to involve more creativity. Raiding shouldn’t happen on the exact path the architect of the building envisioned when planning his defense. It shouldn’t be a fixed equation of sulfur and explosives to get to the loot. It shouldn’t be binary in the way that either a base is destroyed in its entirety with all loot being stolen or it fails completely with no loot being lost. It should involve planning, risk and reward. You should be vulnerable during the execution of a raid, even if the owner of a building is not online. It should be rewarded to recognize that one of the loot rooms in a building is exposed and can be raided rather easily by a small group of players or even a single person. People should build multiple loot rooms with various kinds of defenses and maybe even a secondary base to fall back to. Raiding shouldn’t only be accessible after farming massive amounts of resources. But a successful raid also shouldn’t mean the complete and utter destruction of a person’s life. It should be a setback, the intensity of which depending on both the layout of a base and the creativity of the attacker. I believe we need various means of executing a raid to get to this point, and raid towers are an important step to experiment with this new reality.


In addition to making raid towers first class citizens I’ve enabled ladder placement inside the cupboard radius. Ladders are supposed to be used as an alternative for boosting or be used in the construction of a raid tower. Ladders now have more forgiving placement rules, even allowing you to attach them to the edge of floors. They can also be climbed from both sides and be traversed around to switch sides. Climbing a building with ladders should involve some risk but also be a relatively cheap way to exploit weaknesses in a base design.


To make turrets play a more essential role in base defense they can now see and fire through twig building blocks. This is mostly to counteract the fact that people can now place twig building blocks inside the cupboard radius, but I think turrets will automatically start to play a bigger role in base defense now that defenders have to protect against a wider range of potential attacks.

Twig Decay

The twig building tier now decays six times as fast. After an initial delay of one hour until the decay starts, twig structures will decay completely within another hour, making it two hours of decay time overall. This is obviously meant to quickly decay away raid towers after a raid was either successful or failed.

The Future Of Building

I also tweaked some elements of building with this update. I reduced the health of low walls by 50% and added wall sockets to the top and bottom end of foundation steps. This makes them less useful to block the construction of raid towers. Over the course of the month I want to think about what we can do to open up more options and allow for more creativity in base design. We’re currently talking about the possibility of half height snapping of foundations and half height walls. We’d love to hear your thoughts on what you think the future of building and base defense should look like.

To summarize, I’m not claiming to have found the final solution to fix everything about raiding overnight. However, this is meant to be a big step in order to shift the game on the right path going forward. I think the ideas behind what we’re trying to do with this are solid and can develop into far more involving raiding and building systems than the path we’re currently on. Let’s see how it plays out, this is early access after all.

Animal AI

I spent some time this week improving animal AI again. One thing you’ll notice is you won’t find animals that are randomly stuck any longer. This was a problem with the flee logic and is now resolved. In addition, animal flee behavior is more interesting. They used to just pick a position and flee to it; now they constantly evaluate the best position to flee to. If you’re chasing an animal and you start flanking to the left, it will try and move further away from you by turning right. It’ll also be evaluating dangers so that if you are chasing the animal into a pack of wolves it will most likely turn around and consider you to be the lesser of two evils. I think all the little changes like this will add up and produce a robust and interesting feeling AI.

Invisible Animals

Ever since the new animals were introduced there was a pretty major bug that some animals were not visible on the client at all while still dealing damage to players around them. I’ve tracked this down to the network group update routines and fixed the offending code.

Skin Cache

I have implemented a caching system for the workshop skins that vastly improves their load times, memory usage and performance. Unity is pretty shit with loading and processing textures in real time, which made skins cause significant stuttering whenever they were loading in. We also couldn’t enable texture compression on them since that would have made the stuttering even worse, which in turn made memory usage and performance suffer. The cache is now created only once, after a skin is downloaded. This does have some overhead, but any future load will be almost instantaneous, completely eliminating any stuttering from the skins after the initial download. This should really help with performance.

Launch Site Update

Progress is steady on the Launch Site. Half of the monument is complete, leaving most of the work remaining on the factory and the office building interiors.



This week I finished up on the mailbox concept by Paul! I adjusted it a little bit from the concept by adding some support beams in where I felt it was needed.

Roadsign Rework

I’ve almost finished up the Roadsign Armor rework. The old textures were in a pretty bad shape so I’ve had to scrap them and start again from scratch. They should feel a lot more realistic and less blown-out now. I’m finishing up baking the high poly leg pieces now, ready to move onto skinning and LODding next week. For now here’s a comparison between the old and new jackets:

Admire Animations

More R&D this week. We talked a while back about perhaps having some admire animations for the weapons, so you can enjoy the beauty of your skins close up. Here’s a mock up of one.


I’ve got the fade in points and control clips I discussed last week finished, and all the changes to the playback system are working now.

I’ve been working on some final little UI updates on the editor side, and a code cleanup/refactoring pass now. After those are finished the code side of this will be done!

I’ve also been working on tweaks to existing songs, finishing the remake of the classic Rust theme, and moving those songs all over to the new system. I’m hoping to have all that done within the next couple weeks and then this should be ready to go out. I might try to sneak a new song in there too. One thing I’m trying to do with these tweaks is slim the in-game music down a bit so it feels more like it’s part of the ambience when you’re out of combat, and so the drums don’t sound quite as overpowering when you are in combat. Our current music definitely takes over the soundscape a little more than I’d like.

Here’s what the editor UI looks like now:

The little green clips in the top section are control clips. The ones in this song reduce intensity at those points instead of the slow gradual drop we had before. We’re now dropping intensity at more musically relevant spots now and are able to drop it more rapidly because of that, which makes everything feel a lot more cohesive.

The bottom section is where I can set fade in points. The vertical green lines are when the fade will be complete, and the little bit that hangs off to the left on the top of those lines shows the fade length. In this screenshot, you’re looking at a drum clip and can see that it’s only allowed to fade in right before drum hits, and will always be 100% faded in by the time the hit happens. Bringing new tracks in and out feels way smoother and more musical now!