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This Week In Rust

Simple handmade sight added!

Simple handmade sight

First teased last week, the new simple handmade site has been implemented.

Costing high quality metal, this weapon attachment allows you to aim at your

foe slightly better than iron sights. Here are some details and pictures…

6 high quality metal

Searchlight added!

Helk has just added the searchlight item. It runs off low grade (1 low grade spent every 20 seconds),

is bright as fuck, and can be pointed around by holding E and selecting ‘Use.’ Here are some details:

1000 wood
500 frags

Other stuff

Several other things have been completed this week, for more information on that check out my previous post, but here’s a rundown:

  • FOV is fixed (reverted back)
  • Fix for plants not growing / applying color scale
  • New skins added
  • Various optimizations (see details on devblog)
  • Fixed purple textures on stone hatchet projectile
  • More progress on new rocket factory dungeon (probably not making it in next week)
  • More progress on animal AI (maybe next week?!)

Fixes and prerelease progress

It’s a fresh week for Rust development, and although we’re not yet seeing a ton of new things for this week,

we are seeing a bunch of preparation for the next forced wipe on April 6th.

Plant fixes

Helk has implemented a couple fixes for plants. First and most important, he’s fixed plants not growing.

He’s also fixed the color scale of plants (which wasn’t being applied).

Unity 5.6.0f2

Garry has upgraded the prerelease branch to Unity 5.6.0f2. Along with continuing on the animal AI,

he’s implemented some fixes and improvements to the UI. Here’s hoping the new AI system will launch

with the April 6th forced wipe!

World model shifts

Minh Le and Alex have been working on several world model and LOD changes for guns,

attachments, and other weapons/tools.

Rocket facility progress

Damian is working on the rocket facility site, first teased last week in devblog 153. Don’t expect to see this April 6th,

however, according to Alistair the launch site is quite some time away, and has not been merged into the staging branch.





Seeing far off in the distance no longer requires a gun with a scope; binoculars are in.

This new tool allows you to toggle between 3 zoom levels, offering magnified views

greater than even then 4x scope! They do cost a gear (and high quality) but you can

find them in purple loot boxes around the map (and even recycle them for a chance of a gear).


5 high quality
1 gear


Furnace and campfire auto stop

No more bags upon bags piling up amongst ever burning furnaces and campfires

they now stop altogether once a single item is ejected. It may be inconvenient,

but is aimed at improved server performance. All those burlap sacks piling up and combining outside of every burning furnace across the server adds up.

combining outside of every burning furnace across the server adds up.

There were some more drastic changes proposed to furnaces – which we may still see in the future

but for now, furnaces and campfires just stop the moment something ejects.

Crossbow: No gear required

The crossbow may be seeing a resurgence as it no longer requires a gear.

With any give, there comes a take, so it does now cost more wood, rope, and frags.

Old cost
100 wood
50 frags
1 rope
1 gear

New cost
200 wood
75 frags
2 rope

Netting cost reduced

Providing a bit of cost balance to the newly added netting,

Helk has reduced the price. It not only now costs 1 less rope,

it requires wood instead of metal fragments.

Old cost
5 rope
15 frags

New cost
4 rope
200 wood

Other cost reductions

The cost of several other items has also been reduced.

  • C4 requires 2 tech trash (instead of 3)
  • Holosight requires 1 tech trash (instead of 2)
  • Silencer requires 5 high quality metal (instead of 8)
  • Eoka cost reduced (now 75 wood and 30 frags)

More pick ups

In addition to the new requirement of tool cupboard access and hammer for picking up all objects,

Helk has added the ability to pick up a several deployables. Here’s a list of what you can now pick up:

  • Auto and flame turret
  • Tuna lights
  • Lanterns
  • Ceiling lights

Stuck decals on spinner actually spin

Iterating on the spinner added last week, Helk made it so stuck items will actually spin.

Arrows, spears, machetes, etc. thrown at the spinner will also move around.

Although it may be a small change, it does open up more possibilities for this new spinning wheel.

Entity pooling

Also in the optimization realm, Andre has been doing a bunch of work this week with entity pooling.

As opposed to the furnace stuff which focuses on servers, this entity pooling is mainly aimed at improving client .

performance. Awesome! Hopefully between the two we’ll see better performance all the way around after the update this week.



Other changes

  • Skins are no longer marketable while they’re in the item store
  • Client optimization in the form of entity pooling
  • Candle and miner hat show fuel inventory
  • Muzzlebrake has higher durability and further reduces recoil
  • There’s an awesome looking new simple handmade sight which is on the item list,
  • however, it needs more work on geomitry so it won’t make it in this week.

Platinum VIP Has Arrived!!!

Rusty Dallas is proud to present our newest kit Platinum VIP all the perks of Gold VIP with a few extra

with a few extra bonuses ….

Platinum VIP

This includes GOLD VIP for all servers under the rusty dallas umbrella!!!!!!!!!

Includes 3 builder kits a wipe (use /kit in game to redeem)

Incldes Bgrade 1 and 2

Includes ♛ CHAT TAG

Includes ENTITY RADAR (see clan/friends and dangerous animals)

(type /eradar enable) to enable

Includes a custom spawn kit on a 5 min cooldown.

Devblog 152

Spinner wheel added

A new interactive item has been added: the Spinner Wheel. With the ability to be

painted like a sign, then spun around,

this wheel will allow people to make decisions or play games. You can allow anyone to

spin or only one person, and lock edits once

you’ve painted it just right. Here are some pictures and details…


Supply signals are back!

Helk has added supply signals back into the loot tables. Although they are

very, very rare drops in military crates, we at least have a chance of finding them again!

Edit: Confirmed from Helk, there is a 2% chance drop in military crates for supply signals.


Netted wall frames

First seen in the devblog last week, work on wall netting has progressed.

Allowing players to quickly traverse between levels of their base,

this netting stands to provide a lot of new opportunities when it comes to building.

It’s not clear if this will make it in this week, but stay tuned for more as we get closer to Thursday.

Edit: Netting made it in! 5 rope and 15 frags to craft.


Console system 4.0

Garry has updated the F1 console, bringing about a new look and some functionality improvements.

There’s a new style to the top tabs and the window now fills the entire width of the screen.

Best of all, console commands now have autocomplete!



Foliage displacement

Gone are the days of big bushes sticking up through your base. In a small but impactful change,

Andre has added foliage displacement to foundations, meaning those pesky bushes pushing

through your floors should be a thing of the past.

Edit: This isn’t fully implemented at the moment. It should be working for grass, but not all foliage as of yet.


Demo improvements

After adding the functionality last week, Garry is making some tweaks and improvements to demo playback.

Along with recording voice data, he’s fixed it so you can now see grass.

He’s also added a helpful new cvar for camera speed, “camspeed.”


Death pit walk out

In a controversial shift, Vince has taken some of the danger out of the death pit in caves.

Players are now able to walk down and recover their loot.

Edit: Damage has been upped to make sure fully armored people die everytime.



Sewers coming to airfield

Some exciting changes are coming to the airfield, as Vince has started working on a

series of sewers and bunkers for that location. Don’t expect to see them this week,

however, as with most dungeon art changes must wait till the next forced wipe (April 6th).


Other stuff

  • New bed model added
  • Added small refinery to both harbors
  • Presumably fixed vending machines sometimes breaking when placed in doorways
  • Heavy plate armor no longer provides insane rad protect
  • Potential fix for errant explosive rockets from helicopter
  • Fix for difficult locker placement
  • Pumpkin has 1 season
  • Fixed all throwable weapons referencing the aim point inside the bow prefab (!)
  • Some work being done on Hapis! (confirmed with Petur, we won’t see this till next forced wipe)


Leader Boards

5x Leader Boards as of


EST Wednesday 3-15-2017

Player Challenges

animal kils:
1. -161 [cake]Hoov/Khy
2. -124 [cake]|CMOHBD| Allahu Akbar
3. -104 [NFG] Soul Collector

Kills With Arrows
1. -22- Switzy
2. -7- GoBananas
3. -4- [NOBL] [Checkme] Need RL

Structures Built
1. -9801- [apes] ReUp
2. -8697- [NFG] Soul Collector
3. -5081- [Cake] Hoov/Khy

Clothes Crafted
1. -298- [apes] Gilgamesh
2. -278- [RiP] PrYm3r
3. -221- [apes]Mikechu

Eplosives Thrown
1. -243- spuudysanic
2. -206- [USSR] Yomoma
3 -168- [new] pdo

1.-150- [RiP] OT Anchorman
2.-109- [RiP] SMILE.
3.-62- [RiP] PrYm3r

Players Healed
1.-25- [JKA] NoMercy
2.-24- Scorpion10
3.-16- Albino Jellyfish

Players Killed
1.-222- [RiP] OT Anchorman
2.-192- [RiP] SMILE.
3.-[apes] Playboy

Melee Kills
1.-4- [PSM] v1bez
2.-3- Albino Jellyfish
3.-Wojtek #MAGA #ProudBoy

Plants Gathered
1.-1188- [RiP] OT Anchorman
2.-814- [USSR] Slugrunner
3.-686- [apes] Gilgamesh

Longest PVE Kill
1.-860- [RiP] Ether
2.-415- [new] Gramma Gummers
3.-412- [Purge] MillenniumSwift

Longest PVP Kill
1.-640- [fuck] yungh
2.-330- [GGNORE] Protocol37
3.-291-[Cake] xhatethebastardx

Structures Repaired
1.-2324- [apes] ReUp
2.-1341- [Cake] Hoov / Khy
3.-870- [USSR] Beanerschnitzel

Revolver Kills
1.-4- Switzy
3.-1- [PQH] [A3]Elysian

Rockets Fired
1.-201- [TNT] JULIA 1475
2.-82- [BOOF] Coyote |
3.-81- [RiP] PrYm3r

Ore Gathered
1.-1653186- [Cake] |CMOHBD| Allahu Akbar
2.-1599515- Scorpion10
3.-1329525- [Cake] Hoov / Khy

Blade Kills
1.-2- [BGT] Sublime YT
2.-2- Sitzy
3.-1- [USSR] Slugrunner

Weapons Crafted
1.-460- [new] pdo
2.-205- Scorpion
3.-192- [Airmen] Sloppy Joe

Wood Gathered
1.-785490- [Cake] Hoov / Khy
2.-576005- [NFG] Soul Collector
3.-563755- Scorpion10


10x Leader Boards as of 11:55pm EST

Wednesday 3-15-2017

Player Challenges

Animal Kills
1.-115- [IMD] Shook
2.-71- OnePunchMan
3.-65- [DopE] Toxic

Kills With Arrows
1.-6- swagnorpo
2.-6- [Misfit] DeltaForce650
3.-5- joeisafag

Structures Built
1.-7456- [Misfit] ✪ Sacraficion ✪
2.-6710- [IMD] Shook
3.-6662- [DOAP] Chris_mix

Clothes Crafted
1.-228- Josephe
2.-151- [NSP] d_to_the_dub
3.-129- [Cooks] AresAwoken

Explosives Thrown
1.-385- [IMD] Shook
2.-328- [IMD] Jonsin
3.-304- [Cooks] RubberDucky6

1.-82- [penis] Griswold
2.-61- [SSS] Capt.Faps Alot
3.-56- [IMD] ☆ Braysen ☆

Players Healed
1.-73- [IMD] SaltyLootGoblin
2.-68- Balut
3.-[Meeg] Zoom

Players Killed
1.-140- [penis] Griswold
2.-101- [SSS] Capt.Faps Alot
3.-101- [IMD] ☆ Braysen ☆

Melee Kills
1.-3- [ARS] Chance
2.-2- [SSS] Clark_Saint
3.-2- [Fai] Fumble

Plants Gathered
1.-468- [penis] Griswold
2.-339- [DEA] Koterboat
3.-325- [RVR] Puppy Weed

Longest PVE Kill
1.-369-[DOAP] Nkxseal
2.-355- Timmy!!
3.-331- [IMD] JonSin

Longest PVP Kill
1.-317- EliTE SnIpZ$
2.-312- [SSS] Capt.Faps Alot
3.-304- JuanSteve

Structures Repaired
1.-1871- [DopE] Toxic
2.-1756- Agrad
3.-1287- Timmy!!

Revolver Kills
3.-3- Bob

Rockets Fired
1.-613- [IMD] Gotcha
2.-310- [IMD] JonSin
3.-189- [RVR] Dumaux [Reaver]

Ore Gathered
1.-1446638- [Shock] BadKnifer
2.-1229830- [OPBS] Ando5000
3.-1218679- [IMD] Shook

Blade Kills
1.-3- [Merk] tiddy boi tim☉☉
3.-2- [Hush] Lil Bread :0

Weapons Crafted
1.-277- [BBKJ] Vanilla
2.-261- zayjay
3.-257- [NaSF] Zouterig

Wood Gathered
1.-797080- [Meeg] popsicle
2.-726220- [Shock] BadKnifer
3.-719637- [papppa] something simple

Rusty Dallas 3x Now Live

Rusty Dallas is proud to announce we now have a 3x server if 5x and 10x are too fast paced then this is the place for you. The new 3x server has or will have all the same perks as 10x and 5x some are still in the works but will be there soon kits, tp, and shop. So come join us in our expanding Rusty Dallas family.


Devblog 151

  • Fixed invisible LR-300 worldmodel bug
  • Flashlight lod updates
  • Crossbow world model uv fixes
  • Reduced mesh compression on weapon world models
  • Rocket launcher world model uv fixes
  • Sound creation optimization
  • Physics sounds are quieter unless the impact is pretty hard
  • Lower vertex counts on Stone & Sheet Metal tiers
  • Added multithreaded mesh batching
  • Added better profiling
  • Fixed workshop skin memory leak
  • Fixed plant material memory leak
  • Optimized workshop skin loading
  • Added “itemskins” convar to disable workshop skins
  • Made network cells more granular
  • Optimized client side plant entities
  • Fixed craft canceling sometimes losing resources when inventory is full
  • Dense bushes have an extra LOD
  • Heli always strafes with napalm if target has no TC access
  • Lowered cost of AutoTurret
  • Autoturret parts found in purple crates + towns
  • Lowered cost of flame turret
  • C4 won’t stick to Decor Deployables
  • Decor Deployables can only be picked up with TC access + hammer equipped
  • Out of Stock Vending machines show up as red on the map
  • Fish provides animal fat
  • Fixed being unable to place walls next to a metal shopfront on a triangle foundation
  • Fixed SAR buff/SAP nerf reversion
  • Fixed Harbor 2 not showing up on map

Lockers have arrived.

March 07, 2017 by Bugs
It’s a fresh week for Rust development and we’ve got some fixes, tweaks, and some exciting new convenience

when it comes to storage…

Storage lockers added

A new way of storing items has been added, and it provides a new level of convenience when it comes to storing loadouts.

The locker allows you to store a total of 36 items (split into 3 groups of 12) and, most important, provides the functionality

to instantaneously swap those items with your current loadout. Instead of dragging and dropping items in one at a time,

you simply click the ‘swap’ button. All your equipped clothing and belt items are instantly swapped with the appropriate contents.

This will allow people to get going much quicker after freshly spawning.

The locker allows you to store a total of 36 items (split into 3 groups of 12) and, most important, provides the functionality to

instantaneously swap those items with your current loadout. Instead of dragging and dropping items in one at a time, you simply

click the ‘swap’ button. All your equipped clothing and belt items are instantly swapped with the appropriate contents. This will allow

people to get going much quicker after freshly spawning.

to instantaneously swap those items with your current loadout. Instead of dragging and dropping items in one at a time, you simply click

the ‘swap’ button. All your equipped clothing and belt items are instantly swapped with the appropriate contents. This will allow people to

get going much quicker after freshly spawning.

Like vending machines, they can only be placed on foundation or floor blocks. Also, as you probably guessed, lockers accept code locks just

like other storage… and it can be skinned!

Weapon tweaks

Minh and Alex have been rocking out a bunch of fixes and tweaks to weapon

weapon animations and world models.

Here are some highlights:

Crossbow world model fixed
Added new silencer smoke f/x when shooting
Tweaked the position of the muzzleflashes when a muzzlebrake is added
Tweaked the offset for the thompson viewmodel holosight
Tone down the recoil animation when firing (ADS)
Improved revolver 3rd person animations.

Fixed foliage transparency

Recently pointed out on reddit, using TSSAA would make certain bushes essentially see-thru.

bushes essentially see-thru.

Thankfully, this has been fixed on the staging branch, so it will no longer provide an advantage

longer provide an advantage after the update on Thursday.

Fixed skin memory leak

The devs have fixed a memory leak involving skins which has been plaguing people recently.

He’s also added a new cvar…

Itemskins cvar

Added by Andre today, this cvar allows clients to completely toggle off custom skins.

To try it, simply to go console (F1) and type ‘itemskins 0’

(set this back to 1 if you’d like to turn them on again).

Note: this only disables new skins from loading. If you toggle this off

while in the presence of a skinned item, it’ll still render the

skinned version.

Animal animation fixes

A few tweaks to animal animations are making it in this week, while the specifics are

unclear we can hope that this is leading up to changes in animal AI!

Other things

Fish provides animal fat
Shopfront no longer blocks wall placement on triangle foundations
More progress on animal AI branch (still on prerelease)