What’s New In Rust

10:10am EST – We have confirmation from the official Rust Twitter that the update will hit in a couple hours. Also,

Also, new skins are live!


What’s in store? A new animal AI, improved sounds and models, better large furnace placement,

a fresh version of Unity, along with a bunch of other changes and tweaks.

New animal AI

After weeks in development, the new system for animal ‘intelligence’ is set to go live with this update.

Although the Rust wildlife will still look the same, they should move much better than before –

no more jutting up and down sheer cliffs or running through stuff. Some also now have meaty gibs!

As with any first iteration – especially one of this magnitude – there is still a lot of work to be done.

This launch is the baseline functionality. Once in place, the team will be able to build over time;

adding new models, animations, sounds, and hopefully creating unique behavior for each animal.

Don’t be surprised to see bugs, glitches, or just overall wonky animal behavior this week and expect more

improvements and optimizations to AI over the coming patches.

Better large furnace placement

A great quality of life improvement this week, large furnaces are now much easier to place on uneven terrain.

Also, their foundations extend down further than before.


Rust Hack Report is back

After being silent for over a month, the Twitter feed of game banned cheaters, @RustHackReport, is back.

How better than to come back with a bang? It added ~2,400 bans to the still growing list (although much of that is probably backlog).

Hopefully those bans keep coming; this hacker situation has been out of control lately.


New footstep sounds

A whole slew of new sounds have been added, mainly footsteps based on where you’re walking and what type of footwear you’re sporting.

This accounts for barefeet, boots, burlap, hide, and hazmat on surfaces like grass, dirt, sand, snow, concrete, carpet, metal, wood, stone and more!

Great work by Alex on this one, walking around is much more dynamic now.


Updated models and animations

Mihn has done a ton of tweaks and fixes to animations and viewmodels for various items in game. Although nothing may be immediately apparent,

it’s likely you’ll notice some differences as you settle in this wipe.

Deer meat added

Supplementing the new animal AI, a fresh type of meat has been added. No longer do deer yield chicken – deer meat is now an item.


Unity 5.6

A big step forward for the underlying engine which runs Rust – Unity has been updated to version 5.6.

This is a significant change, as up till now, Rust has been running on Unity 5.4.2f2.

What does this mean for you? Well, along with making the new animal AI possible (Navmesh),

Unity 5.6 boasts better tools for developers, improved performance (or so they say), better graphics,

and a slew of bug fixes and improvements. You can find more on Unity 5.6 here.


Performance concerns

As always, with large launches months in the making, a major concern is performance.

Although the team has made strides forward in both client and server performance over the past several weeks,

this new version of Unity (and specifically Navmesh) currently causes some issues.


Mainly, starting a server is now a much longer process due to the Navmesh creation. During that time, CPU usage on the server box

During that time, CPU usage on the server box shoots up to 100% and holds there for up to 5 minutes.

This generates lag and sometimes mass kicks on all other servers running on the box – which stands to be a big issue,

especially for servers on shared hosts (you know, like most of them).

On top of that, with any change this massive, you can’t really know how server performance is going to hold up with

people in one server until you actually have 300+ people in the server. This is all to say, we’re entering a bit of

untested territory with this update; fingers crossed it all goes smooth.