This Week In Rust

Simple handmade sight added!

Simple handmade sight

First teased last week, the new simple handmade site has been implemented.

Costing high quality metal, this weapon attachment allows you to aim at your

foe slightly better than iron sights. Here are some details and pictures…

6 high quality metal

Searchlight added!

Helk has just added the searchlight item. It runs off low grade (1 low grade spent every 20 seconds),

is bright as fuck, and can be pointed around by holding E and selecting ‘Use.’ Here are some details:

1000 wood
500 frags

Other stuff

Several other things have been completed this week, for more information on that check out my previous post, but here’s a rundown:

  • FOV is fixed (reverted back)
  • Fix for plants not growing / applying color scale
  • New skins added
  • Various optimizations (see details on devblog)
  • Fixed purple textures on stone hatchet projectile
  • More progress on new rocket factory dungeon (probably not making it in next week)
  • More progress on animal AI (maybe next week?!)

Fixes and prerelease progress

It’s a fresh week for Rust development, and although we’re not yet seeing a ton of new things for this week,

we are seeing a bunch of preparation for the next forced wipe on April 6th.

Plant fixes

Helk has implemented a couple fixes for plants. First and most important, he’s fixed plants not growing.

He’s also fixed the color scale of plants (which wasn’t being applied).

Unity 5.6.0f2

Garry has upgraded the prerelease branch to Unity 5.6.0f2. Along with continuing on the animal AI,

he’s implemented some fixes and improvements to the UI. Here’s hoping the new AI system will launch

with the April 6th forced wipe!

World model shifts

Minh Le and Alex have been working on several world model and LOD changes for guns,

attachments, and other weapons/tools.

Rocket facility progress

Damian is working on the rocket facility site, first teased last week in devblog 153. Don’t expect to see this April 6th,

however, according to Alistair the launch site is quite some time away, and has not been merged into the staging branch.