Server Commands

Rules /rules Shows the server rules.
Share /share Shows information on sharing settings (Cupboards,Doors & Turrets).
Shop /shop Shows shop menu
Remove /remove Activates remover tool. Left click on a building part you own to remove it and get some resources refunded.
Info /info Shows information panel (Server info, VIP, Pets etc).
Set Home /sethome “name”- Sets a home on you or your friends/clanmate’s foundation, replace “name” with a home name. Limit of 5.
/home “name” – Teleports you to the specified home, replace “name” with your home name.
/home list – Shows all your avaliable homes.
/removehome “name” removes a sethome REMINDER homesets get removed when the foundation you set it on is destroyed
 Teleport /tpr “name” – Requests a teleport to another player. Replace “name” with their in-game name.
/tpa – Accepts a teleport from another player.
/tpc – Cancels a teleport from another player.
Friend /friend add “name/steamid” – Adds a friend to let them see your location/disable friendly fire. Replace “name” with their in-game name.
/friend remove “name/steamid” – Removes a friend to stop sharing location/enable friendly fire. Replace “name” with their in-game name.
/friend list – Lists all your current friends.
/ff on – Enables friendly fire.
/ff off – Disables friendly fire.
Clan /clan – Shows current clan information.
/clan info – Shows clan commands.
/c “message” – Sends a message to all your clanmates.
/clan create “TAG” “Description” – Creates a new clan you own, “TAG” is what shows up when you type in global chat.
/clan join “TAG” – Join a clan you got invited to.
/clan leave – Leaves your current clan.
/clan invite “name” – Invites a player to your clan. Must be moderator/owner to use. Replace “name” with their in-game name.
/clan promote “name” – Promotes a member of your clan to moderator so they can kick/invite people.
/clan demote “name” – Demotes a moderator to a member.
/clan disband forever – Kicks and disbands all players from your clan. Must be owner of clan to use.
Trade /trade “name” – Opens trading menu with another player. Replace “name” with other players in-game name.
VIP Commands /sil – Paste a png/jpg from a URL onto a sign.
/pet – Activates “NPC” mode to tame a pet. Type command and press “e” on an animal to tame it.
/pet free – Releases your pet.
/pet sleep – Makes your pet sleep.
/pet draw – Turn on/off draw system.
/pet info – Shows info on your pets status (Health, Hunger, Thirst etc)
-Press “e” and “r” at the same time to make your pet go towards you.
-Look at a player and press “e” to make your pet attack it.
-To feed your pet, look at a corpse and press “e”.
/kit vip” includes: 10k wood, 10k stone, 200 HQM, 5k cloth, 2 supply signals. 24 hour cooldown.
/sethome – Limit increased to 10.
/rm Clan radar is activated (Can see friends/clan members in-game from afar).
VIP GOLD Commands /kit goldstarter – Enough items to start a base (includes a turret). Needs 12 free slots.
/kit vip2 – Plenty of useful items. Needs 18 free slots.
/reskin – Pick skins for any skinable item
/showsphere – Shows radius of nearby cupboards you own.
/showmenu – Shows crosshair menu to select from 8 crosshairs to show in game.
/sethome – Limit increased to 15.