New Items and A Little Raid Balance

You’ve got mail

Mailbox added

Helk has added a new way to communicate in the game: Mailboxes. These craftable items may be placed across the terrain. Those passing by (or raiding) may drop a note in the mailbox. Only those authorized on the cupboard are able to see the notes which have been left. They also give a nifty notification when new mail is present (the red tab on the side goes up).

Code locks on cupboards

After serious buffs to raiding last week, we’re seeing some balance swing back in the direction of defenders with this patch. Mainly, the tool cupboard can now have a code lock placed on it. Also, the cupboards protection has been increased to match the wooden door.

Not only does this secure your cupboard from random unwanted access, it makes griefing more expensive for raiders. No longer will they be able to just clear access and re-auth – they now must destroy a locked cupboard entirely.

This also revitalizes the importance of external cupboards. When placed properly, external cupboards should take priority if the main cupboard is destroyed. This’ll make it even more difficult for raiders to permanently grief your base – even if they do steal all the loot.

Edit: Cupboards can now only be placed on construction (no more cupboards on the ground)

Fire rate changes

Helk has fixed an issue with semi auto guns wherein they weren’t firing as fast as they should in certain instances. With this, he’s reduced the fire rate of the Semi Auto Rifle, Semi Auto Pistol (P250), and revolver.

As Helk explained to me, these changes do not necessarily nerf the fire rate of these 3 guns. Rather, they help prevent against scripts and binds which allowed for clips to be emptied in a mere second.

Long and short: normal players shouldn’t feel much change; if anything, these guns should be more responsive to mouse clicks. Scripters and people with special binds (mousewheel up = fire), however, won’t be so happy after this update.

Crossbow changes

The crossbow has also received a slight buff. The reload time has been reduced by 0.8 of a second. On top of that, the scope alignment has been fixed.

Hammers pick up ladders (and more)

Andre has improved the pick-up-ability of hammers this week. Most notable: ladders can now be picked up with your hammer equipped (if building is privileged). Beyond that, window bars, embrasures, and shutters can also be picked up with a hammer.

Spear buff

Early game fans rejoice this week as the spear has been buffed. Not only has the attack rate been slightly increased, the duration between click and attack has been significantly reduced. To top it off, the range of the spear attack has been increased.

Flamethrower can now damage AI

Ever wondered what it’d be like to take a flamethrower to a bear? Now you can find out, as Helk has made flamethrowers damage AI.

HV arrow metal tip

In a temporary change – and hopefully a sign of new arrow types coming in the future – Helk has made it so HV arrows show up as having a metal tip.

Sign cost reductions

Shop keeps and artists of Rust will be happy to hear of some reductions of sign costs:

  • Metal hanging signs reduced by 90%
  • Wooden sign costs also reduced

Rifle body cost increase

With the addition of scrap last week, players can now make a research bench and craft components – if they have enough scrap. It’s getting a bit harder to create rifle bodies this week, as the scrap cost has gone up to 250.

Other stuff

  • In game voice has its own audio slider
  • Waterjug added – it’s like the bucket but has lid to be carried in inventory
  • Dangerous NPC footsteps audible from a bit farther away
  • Food crates spawn 3x as much food
  • Maps and notes craft in 5 seconds
  • Heavy plate helmet slightly higher protection than facemask
  • Ceiling lights can be deployed on angled surfaces
  • Drinking from the world is slightly less glitchy (maybe)
  • Demolish option removed from hammer for admins
  • Skipqueue command added (admins can skip a player in queue)
  • Fishtrap requires cloth instead of rope again
  • Removed antihack.enabled (toggle the protections individually instead)
  • Add last violation type to player kick message and server log when enforcing