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Xilz Xilz Chat Mod Application  

By Xilz, 2 days ago

Staff Applications
  Name : ShaneAge : 18 Location (AU/US/UK) :  US Discord Full ID: Xilz#5747Position you are applying for : Chat ModPast experience : 0Why you are applying : For future server experience and to help pitc...
Casper The Friendly Stoner Banned for Hacker association  

By Casper The Friendly Stoner, 3 days ago

  Was banned awhile ago for Hacker association which is true, I met a dude while my base was being raided by a clan and he offered to help. i DID NOT know that he was a cheater. I simply gave him a gun ...
Bone Smashers Iv Been Banned  

By Bone Smashers, 6 days ago

  so iv been banned from rusty dallas 10x for cheating i wasent useing cheats on that account and i never have or ever would but i have used cheats on my other alts and my main rust account all vac bann...
ckcRichard ckcRichard's Application  

By ckcRichard, 2 weeks ago

Staff Applications
  Name : ckcRichard or RichardAge : 19Location (AU/US/UK) :  USDiscord Full ID: ckcRichard #6827Position you are applying for : 10x Admin/ModeratorPast experience :  I was one of the lead server admins ...





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