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Xianith RE: Didn't break any the rules by the way.  

By Xianith, 3 days ago

  Being banned by EAC isn't a joke. The kick message is confusing but it's the actual ban message. Previous EACs are now properly listed to clear up confusion. EAC bans, no matter the age are statements...
rail Didn't break any the rules by the way.  

By rail, 3 days ago

  So my main was banned right and I was talking with my friend about that in general chat because it isn't part of the rules to have past bans so I'm like alright, and my main was falsely banned once ag...
PostIt - Youtube Ban Appeal For PostIt  

By PostIt - Youtube, 1 week ago

    Hello, my name is PostIt and i want to help gb defend against a 30 man raid... If i can be un banned that would be great, let me know if i have permission thank you 🙂 
Xianith RE: Banned For No Reason  

By Xianith, 2 weeks ago

Xianith RE: Ban Appeal  

By Xianith, 2 weeks ago

  Next time, just edit your original post. no need to triple post. Charge backs are generally a hard no, but if your paypal account was compromised it's up to Lee to decide.





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