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thomasprestonrecon Ban appeal  

By thomasprestonrecon, 1 month ago

Support Center
  Hello, about six months ago I was banned from the rusty Dallas 10x for using scripts. I then learned my lesson and asked lee if I could be unbanned. He said give it six months and he’ll think about it...
Lukeyshot Lukeyshot's Staff application  

By Lukeyshot, 2 months ago

Staff Applications
  Name : LukeAge : 21Location (AU/US/UK) : UK Discord Full ID: Lukeyshot#1998 Position you are applying for : 10x Moderator Past experience : I have been moderator on multiple servers and even admin, I ...
JAR JAR's Staff Application  

By JAR, 2 months ago

Staff Applications
  Name: JARAge: 19Location (AU/US/UK): Ireland/ukDiscord Full ID: JAR#4595The position you are applying for: 10X Moderator .Past experience: I have owned multiple of my own server so I know how to deal ...
ATSHelp Coffins  

By ATSHelp, 2 months ago

Server Suggestions
  Add coffins in the vending machines at outpost, allow players to not need their computers running all night. should be priced around 1k scrap per coffin. Not hard to get but still takes time
10X - allowing /cinfo for ...  

By Suggest Bot, 3 months ago

Server Suggestions
  Suggestion allowing /cinfo for all players
Lil PookieBear Kicked for High Ping  

By Lil PookieBear, 3 months ago

Support Center
  I keep getting kicked for high ping no lag bypass me plz i cant play  
Zortane Banned for no reason  

By Zortane, 3 months ago

Support Center
  I was on the 10x NoBPs and it restarted and i was spamming to get back in because me and this kid were in a fight and i didnt make it into my compound so when i loaded back in i was instantly dead the...





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