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December 15, 2019 2:54 am  

Name : Luke
Age : 21
Location (AU/US/UK) : UK 
Discord Full ID: Lukeyshot#1998 
Position you are applying for : 10x Moderator 
Past experience : I have been moderator on multiple servers and even admin, I was admin on Rustoria and Head Mod on Icefuze
Why you are applying : I want to help the community and help the people of the server, I want Rusty Dallas to be an enjoyable time for both New and Old players of rust and am willing to help make Rust a better place. I have had experience of being staff on a Rust server in the past (See Staff History) and can manage myself in a multitude of situations and can come to a reasonable solution for the greater outcome. Rust is also a very toxic game and people get mad very quickly and accuse people of hacks and so forth and if they are we will get to the bottom of it, if not then there is not a great deal we can do.
Additional information : I am very mature and can work well in solo situation and in a group scenario, I am very flexible in different situations and can deal with them accordingly... I am a very motivated person and am willing to do anything possible within my power to make sure justice is served swiftly and hassle free, I will listen to anyone and take their opinions into consideration before coming to my final conclusion despite rank and/or age... I will not however be taken fun off and undermined by immature people trying to get a rise out of me and I will deal with them accordingly.