Donation Portal


Building Grades - $20.00
/bgrade access. ONE TIME CHARGE!
Unlock ALL Blueprints - $10.00
Builder Kit + BONUS MONEY - $4.00
5,000 Metal Fragments
3,000 HQM
4 Mining Quarries
300,000 Wood
300,000 Stones
10 Code Locks
10 Large Wooden Boxes
20 High External Walls
BONUS $3,000,000 GAME CASH!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Make sure you have room for this before redeeming!
Too foggy? turn the weather off! - $2.00
Disable Weather
Gold VIP (30 days) - $15.00
Everything listed under VIP (minus /kit vip)
You can now fish !. Equip a spear and hit some water. see what you can find.
Well Fed !. On login/spawn you have 100% health/food/water.
Extended Magazine – Craft a weapon outside of building priv and enjoy 20% increased capacity
No more cooldowns between /home and /tpr.
15 total /sethome
/kit goldstarter A once per wipe kit with enough to get a base started and a turret to protect you. (12 slots)
/kit vip2 a vip kit with plenty of useful items. (18 slots)
/share now you can share your doors with friends!
More to come as plugins are released!
VIP (30 days) - $7.00
/sil access (upload images from the web to any sign)
/aid access (a medic will come and revive you within 10 seconds.) please dont abuse by jumping into bases with this
5 extra /sethome locations with only a 20 second cooldown on both /home and /tpr.
/kit vip access (see /info in game under kits for list of contents.)
/blueprinter access (can print any blueprint you own for the cost of some paper.)
Special VIP++ tag beside your name.
VIP level support.(add owner/admins on steam for private support requests).
Access to all pets! (check /info in game for instructions).
Clan Radar. see your clans position on screen.
Private password protected teamspeak channel on request.
All of the above for the low monthly price of $7.