Seeing far off in the distance no longer requires a gun with a scope; binoculars are in.

This new tool allows you to toggle between 3 zoom levels, offering magnified views

greater than even then 4x scope! They do cost a gear (and high quality) but you can

find them in purple loot boxes around the map (and even recycle them for a chance of a gear).


5 high quality
1 gear


Furnace and campfire auto stop

No more bags upon bags piling up amongst ever burning furnaces and campfires

they now stop altogether once a single item is ejected. It may be inconvenient,

but is aimed at improved server performance. All those burlap sacks piling up and combining outside of every burning furnace across the server adds up.

combining outside of every burning furnace across the server adds up.

There were some more drastic changes proposed to furnaces – which we may still see in the future

but for now, furnaces and campfires just stop the moment something ejects.

Crossbow: No gear required

The crossbow may be seeing a resurgence as it no longer requires a gear.

With any give, there comes a take, so it does now cost more wood, rope, and frags.

Old cost
100 wood
50 frags
1 rope
1 gear

New cost
200 wood
75 frags
2 rope

Netting cost reduced

Providing a bit of cost balance to the newly added netting,

Helk has reduced the price. It not only now costs 1 less rope,

it requires wood instead of metal fragments.

Old cost
5 rope
15 frags

New cost
4 rope
200 wood

Other cost reductions

The cost of several other items has also been reduced.

  • C4 requires 2 tech trash (instead of 3)
  • Holosight requires 1 tech trash (instead of 2)
  • Silencer requires 5 high quality metal (instead of 8)
  • Eoka cost reduced (now 75 wood and 30 frags)

More pick ups

In addition to the new requirement of tool cupboard access and hammer for picking up all objects,

Helk has added the ability to pick up a several deployables. Here’s a list of what you can now pick up:

  • Auto and flame turret
  • Tuna lights
  • Lanterns
  • Ceiling lights

Stuck decals on spinner actually spin

Iterating on the spinner added last week, Helk made it so stuck items will actually spin.

Arrows, spears, machetes, etc. thrown at the spinner will also move around.

Although it may be a small change, it does open up more possibilities for this new spinning wheel.

Entity pooling

Also in the optimization realm, Andre has been doing a bunch of work this week with entity pooling.

As opposed to the furnace stuff which focuses on servers, this entity pooling is mainly aimed at improving client .

performance. Awesome! Hopefully between the two we’ll see better performance all the way around after the update this week.



Other changes

  • Skins are no longer marketable while they’re in the item store
  • Client optimization in the form of entity pooling
  • Candle and miner hat show fuel inventory
  • Muzzlebrake has higher durability and further reduces recoil
  • There’s an awesome looking new simple handmade sight which is on the item list,
  • however, it needs more work on geomitry so it won’t make it in this week.