Devblog 152

Spinner wheel added

A new interactive item has been added: the Spinner Wheel. With the ability to be

painted like a sign, then spun around,

this wheel will allow people to make decisions or play games. You can allow anyone to

spin or only one person, and lock edits once

you’ve painted it just right. Here are some pictures and details…


Supply signals are back!

Helk has added supply signals back into the loot tables. Although they are

very, very rare drops in military crates, we at least have a chance of finding them again!

Edit: Confirmed from Helk, there is a 2% chance drop in military crates for supply signals.


Netted wall frames

First seen in the devblog last week, work on wall netting has progressed.

Allowing players to quickly traverse between levels of their base,

this netting stands to provide a lot of new opportunities when it comes to building.

It’s not clear if this will make it in this week, but stay tuned for more as we get closer to Thursday.

Edit: Netting made it in! 5 rope and 15 frags to craft.


Console system 4.0

Garry has updated the F1 console, bringing about a new look and some functionality improvements.

There’s a new style to the top tabs and the window now fills the entire width of the screen.

Best of all, console commands now have autocomplete!



Foliage displacement

Gone are the days of big bushes sticking up through your base. In a small but impactful change,

Andre has added foliage displacement to foundations, meaning those pesky bushes pushing

through your floors should be a thing of the past.

Edit: This isn’t fully implemented at the moment. It should be working for grass, but not all foliage as of yet.


Demo improvements

After adding the functionality last week, Garry is making some tweaks and improvements to demo playback.

Along with recording voice data, he’s fixed it so you can now see grass.

He’s also added a helpful new cvar for camera speed, “camspeed.”


Death pit walk out

In a controversial shift, Vince has taken some of the danger out of the death pit in caves.

Players are now able to walk down and recover their loot.

Edit: Damage has been upped to make sure fully armored people die everytime.



Sewers coming to airfield

Some exciting changes are coming to the airfield, as Vince has started working on a

series of sewers and bunkers for that location. Don’t expect to see them this week,

however, as with most dungeon art changes must wait till the next forced wipe (April 6th).


Other stuff

  • New bed model added
  • Added small refinery to both harbors
  • Presumably fixed vending machines sometimes breaking when placed in doorways
  • Heavy plate armor no longer provides insane rad protect
  • Potential fix for errant explosive rockets from helicopter
  • Fix for difficult locker placement
  • Pumpkin has 1 season
  • Fixed all throwable weapons referencing the aim point inside the bow prefab (!)
  • Some work being done on Hapis! (confirmed with Petur, we won’t see this till next forced wipe)