Bumps And Bugs Fixed As We Head Toward Next Wipe…

Fixes and tweaks

1:15pm EST – After a large launch last week, the team is focused on tweaks and fixes. Let’s get into it…

Player boosting kicks

After some shifts to the ingameantihack system last week, players have been getting kicked for violations while boosting on other players’ heads. This has been fixed, so player boosting should no longer result in a kick.

Viewmodel tweaks

Minh is continuing his work on viewmodel animation fixes. After tweaking a ton of them last week, there are only a few more to go before he moves on to animal animations.

Shooting through/under stone doorway

There has been an issue with being able to shoot through a small slat under a stone doorway in certain situations (mainly during raids). This has been resolved.

Other things

  • Fixed various issues with dungeons
  • Fixed issue with players being culled when looking over a low wall
  • Fixed being able to drop items between icons